Hiro Takashima

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Hiro Takashima
Chancellor of Shengli
In office
15 July 2015 - 21 July 2015
Emperor Que Wu-huang
Predecessor "Office established"
Successor Que Wu-huang
Chancellor of Yoko
In office
21 July 2015 - 10 August 2015
Predecessor "Office established"
Successor Okihara Yamato
Personal information
Born 26 May
Birth name Amadeo Timothy
Citizenship Indonesian
Nationality Yokonese
Ethnicity Indonesian
Political party Independent

Hiro Takashima (Japanese:ヒロ鷹島) and his Shenglinese name Tan Ai-man is the 1st Chancellor of Empire of Yoko. He was appointed by Kiseki Toyosaki and soon derived from its position by Toyosaki and replaced by Okihara Yamato.