Hibiscus Bay

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Hibiscus Bay is a bay/beach area located in the state of Floris. It is formed by the alluvial deposits of the Rio Sperandeu; it has a dimension of about 400 meters, to which is added some very small tongue of sand that creeps between the cliffs, a little further south. The beach is of white, creamy white sand, which stands out incredibly with the blue of the sea, which takes on the light emerald green tones only on the shore, and is edged with clear rocks. Here the sea is a paradise for divers and sailing and in particular wind conditions, one of the most sought after by windsurfing professionals.

The name of the beautiful beach comes from a wide grassy expanse located behind the beach. The cove is bounded to the north-east by the picturesque reddish granite promontory of Juniper Peak, which embraces the sea with a circular shape; in fact, the beach is also known as Marina delle Rose because of the proximity of the Camping. Spiaggia della Piana is part of a SIC project of the European Community, which includes an area enclosed between the wide bay of Naracu Nieddu and Lu Littarroni. Its nature is very valuable and intact, and it is always uncrowded.

Hibiscus Bay from Juniper Peak.