Hero of the Summerland

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Hero of the Summerland

The Ribbon
Awarded by Somster
Country Somster
Type State Order with One Degree
Eligibility Somsterian nationals or anyone who has a positive impact on Somster
Awarded for individuals who have helped and contributed to Somster throughout its time.
Status Currently awarded
Post-nominals HOTSL
Established Febuary 2014
First awarded 25/02/2014
Last awarded 26/02/2014
Total awarded 2

The Hero of the Summerland award is a merit provided by the President of Somster, Sebastian Schriber. It is awarded for people who have been a friend of the nation, helped develop and sustain it as well as contributing to it significantly. Apart from the 'Summer's Brothers' military order, of which can only be obtained by Somsterian nationals in service, it is the highest award that can be received by a foreigner, this too includes citizen of Ashukovo.


  • Richard Cunningham - 25/02/2014 - "For contributions to Somster's culture and government."
  • Will Sörgel - 26/02/2014 - "For inspiring us as a nation and guiding us on religion."