Hero of Roscamistan

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Order of the Hero of Roscamistan
Awarded by the President of Roscamistan
TypeNational honour
EstablishedDecember 2021 (2021-12)
MottoFor greatly helping Roscamistan’s progress
Awarded forPeople have contributed greatly to Roscamistan’s progress
StatusCurrently awarded
Grand MasterPresident of Roscamistan
First induction18 February 2022 (2022-02-18)
Last induction28 April 2022 (2022-04-28)
Total inductees4
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of the Province of Mervustan

The Hero of Roscamistan is the highest National order in Roscamistan and the most prestigious title award by the Republic. It was created by Thomas Jacobs as the highest honour that the President, (himself at the time) could bestow upon any one who fits the requirements.


The President of Roscamistan at the time, Thomas Jacobs, created the order as an important honour for important people in Roscamistan.

The order was given to Fearghas MacLochlainn, James Irwin and Thomas Jacobs on 18 February 2022 officially. Former Vice President and Acting President Culann Burke received the award on 28 April 2022 for his services to the nation.

Requirements to receive it

As of April 2022, there are four main requirements for the award.

  1. Are of any Christian denomination.
  2. Have contributed massively to Roscamistan’s progress.
  3. Have a history in the running of Roscamistan.
  4. Swear absolute allegiance to the state.

Former Presidents are also given the award after they leave the office.

Entitlements of the order

People that receive the Hero of Roscamistan are entitled to the style of The Right Excellent. They drop any honourifics they had prior, such as Excellency, The Right Honourable, The Honourable, The Most Honourable and the Venerable. They keep the style for life, and afterwards that. The children of the recipient are entitled to the style of The Venerable, a style normally only given to Senators and army commanders.


No. Portrait Name Life Service Notes
Coat of arms of Thomas Jacobs.svg
Thomas Jacobs 2008 – present First and third President of Roscamistan, founder of Roscamistan, brought immeasurable progress to Roscamistan. Given to self.
Portrait of James Irwin.png
James Irwin 2008 – present Second President of Roscamistan, unofficial “Father of Mervustan Province”, first Prime Minister of Mervustan. Second to receive award.
Self-Portrait of Fearghas MacLochlainn.jpeg
Fearghas MacLochlainn 1961 – present First Attorney General, created the Rosso, pivotal in early development. Oldest to receive award and first person born outside of Galway to receive it.
Coat of arms of Culann Burke.svg
Culann Burke 2008 – present First and fourth Vice President, acting president from 19 March 2022 from the expiration of Thomas Jacobs’s term in office till he was overthrown by Jan Kotonski. Co-Founder of Roscamistan, alongside Thomas Jacobs.