Heraldry in Baustralia

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Heraldry is a common practice in Baustralia. Almost 10% of the population are armigerous, with half of those armigerous in their own right, versus becoming armigerous through offices. Heraldry is registered through the Baustralian King of Arms, who grants and denies arms to citizens who the King, and the King of Arms feels worthy.


List of marks of abatements
Image Ordinary Crime Image Ordinary Crime
BAU CoA Abatement PDPT.svg Point dexter parted tenné False/stolen valour BAU CoA Abatement GSSin.svg Gusset sanguine borne to sinister Drunkard
BAU CoA Abatement PCT.svg Point champaine tenné Killing one's prisoner out of hand BAU CoA Abatement GST.svg Gore sinister tenné Cowardice in the face of the enemy
BAU CoA Abatement PPS.svg Plain point sanguine Lying to the sovereign BAU CoA Abatement DT.svg Delf tenné Revoking a challenge
BAU CoA Abatement PIPS.svg Point in point sanguine Cowardice BAU CoA Abatement IRS.svg Inescutcheon reversed sanguine Discourteously treating women
Fleeing from the King's banner in the field
BAU CoA Abatement GSDex.svg Gusset sanguine borne to dexter Adultery BAU CoA Abatement EEI.svg Entire escutcheon inverted Treason