Henristani Manifesto War

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The Henristani Manifesto war was a war between The Most Serene Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan and a nation choosing to call themselves The Jackson Springs Republic over what is now Pridelands Territory of Henristan.

Declaration of War and First Battle

The war began when, in front of many people Premier Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D. declared himself Premier of the area. At this the any people that he had just declared citizens declared that he must be overthrown. So Premier Blankenship invited them to court to testify for him to be overthrown. In court the Premier but it to a vote which came out as 1 for the Premier 7 for The inhabitants of Jackson Springs Republic. Following his loss at the vote the Premier declared that he was still Premier and that he couldn't be overthrown. At this remark the opposition party began fighting in which the premier was pushed out of the area, then they fled for their base. Once at their base they declared themselves independent from Henristan and thus Henristan declared war. The first battle began in a field not claimed by either party in which Henristani Troops threw rocks and thus received return fire from the Jackson Springs forces. after about ten minutes of this Henristan declared a cease fire.

Treaty and Tensions

After the cease fire it was declared via a verbal treaty that the land would be split in half. Henristan Received an area known as the Henristani forest and The Jackson Springs Republic receiving an area known as the Jackson Springs Creek Strip the rest was designated as a dividing demilitarized zone. Soon after the treaty Henristan found themselves unhappy with their share and invaded the demilitarized zone setting off a tense standoff which eventually would lead to the second battle of the war.

Second Battle, Final Treaty, and Aftermath

As Henristani troops stood close to the border fear of attack was raised in The Jackson Springs Republic. And sure enough Henristan attacked about twenty minutes later capturing most of the territory in the Jackson Springs Creek Strip at this the The Jackson Springs Republic surrendered leading to a second treaty more favorable to Henristan's purposes. In the aftermath Henristan still holds most of the land and claims it as Pridelands territory. The Henristani Manifesto War established Henristan as a nation of higher power and the aftermath provided the basis for the modern basic Henritsani land and governing structure.