Heitor, Prince of Bruges

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Prince Heitor
Prince of Bruges
Full name
Heitor Schlotterbeck Brum
House Brum
Father Élida, Princess of Belmonte
Mother Filipe, Prince of Belmonte
Born 10 September 2011 (2011-09-10) (age 9)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Religion Roman Catholicism

Princess Heitor (born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10 September 2011) is the first and current Prince of Bruges, the apparent heir to the throne of Ebenthal occupied by his uncle, King Arthur II.

He was made heir to the throne following his mother's resignation of her rights, and was granted the new title of Prince of Bruges, not Prince of Belmonte, exempting him of responsability to that principality. Unlike his mother, Prince Heitor is actively engaged in micronationalism, under his uncle's tutelage.


Early life and education

Prince Heitor was born in Rio de Janeiro being the only son of Élida, Princess of Belmonte to Felipe Schlotterbeck, both respectively the leading ballet dancers at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro. By his mother's side, he is the second nephew to King Arthur II of Ebenthal as well as second grandson to Armando, 5th Baron of Roches. He was baptized at the Church of Saint Jude the Apostle, having as godparents Princess Laíze of Ebenthal and Mr. Alexandre Moraes, a friend of the family.

From an early age, Prince Heitor enrolled at Applicated College Ao Cubo in the neighbourhood of Laranjeiras, bordering Gillisburgh, where he lives at the Central Hill Palace. Very active, the Prince is a swimmer and is an orange belt in karate, and has an intermediate level of English.


Heir to the Ebenthali throne

In February 2021, during a private festivity at the Central Hill Palace, King Arthur II asked the then Prince Heitor of Ebenthal if he was interested in take an active role in the Ebenthali monarchy and day-to-day affairs, as the young prince is very interested in geopolitical-related stuff such as maps and flags, and he accepted. The King planned, then, for Heitor to become his apparent heir, as, being the only son to the heiress of the throne, he was already the presumptive heir.

In 11 April 2021 Princess Élida, Heitor's mother, resigned her dynastical rights as asked and instructed by her brother, the King, and act which came into force simultaneously with the Belmontine Act, by which the heir to the Ebenthali throne would be forever disconected from the Principality of Belmonte and thus wouldn't use the Prince of Belmonte title. Instead, Prince Heitor was created Prince of Bruges, a title which evokes the homonymous birthplace of the Clan Brum "symbolizing the Clan's future" according to King Arthur. The monarch also stated that the fact that the title evokes the family's ancient birthplace into a person who represents the family's future is, alongside with the fact that the Prince is an active micronationalist, different from his mothers, works as a mean and symbol to perpetuate the Clan Brum at the Ebenthali throne.

The parliament convened that same day and recognized Prince Heitor as the heir to the throne. In the event of the King's absence, incapability, abdication or death, Heitor is to become King of Ebenthal and a regency on the person of the Seneschal of Ebenthal shall rule as long as the king remains a minor. On the occasion, the new Prince of Bruges swore loyalty to the King and constitution.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Heitor, Prince of Bruges
Heitor Royal Monogram.png
Reference styleHis Gracious Highness
Spoken styleYour Gracious Highness
Alternative styleSire

Titles and styles

  • 11 April 2021 – present: His Gracious Highness The Prince of Bruges


National honours

As Prince of Bruges, Heitor is a recipient of the following orders:

Foreign honours