Commonwealth of Havil

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Side Note, this nation is an Idea only and is not officialy created

Commonwealth of Havil

Regant Populus
Glory to thee, O Havil
Capital city Hamilton
Official language(s) English,
Dutch, Greek
Official religion(s) Greek Orthodoxy
Short name Havil
Demonym Havilian
Government Unitary parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
- Sovereign of Havil Demetri Leventi
- Union President TBA
Legislature Havilian Chamber
Population 15
Currency Havilian piece
Time zone UTC-5:00 (standard time)
UTC-4:00 (summer time)
Patron saint Theotokos
Saint Francisco

Havil officially the Commonwealth of Havil is an Atlantic community-commonwealth located in Eastern Anglo-America. Havil is very dence in population, with most citizens located in the south-eastern portion of the nation. The Capital and Largest City is Hamilton. Havil is a neutral country. The country retains heavy influences from the teaching of Lucien Albertine.

Governance and Politics

Havil is governed as a crowned republic and a direct democracy, and has a bicameral parliament composed of the Federal Assembly and the Grand Chamber.