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Hasan Çakar

Political career

Hasanistan.png Hasanistan

On September 7 2011, Hasan Çakar and Tanju Çakar proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Hasanistan. Their original goal was to establish a pan-Turkic nation-state which would promote worker's rights and armed neutrality. Due to its failure to take control of any territory, the Hasani government would be forced to rule in a self-declared embassy in Europe. The Hasani government was run as a single-party dictatorship led by Hasan Çakar and the Hasanistan Secessionist Party. Hasan Çakar appointed his brother Tanju as the Admiral of Hasanistan's naval force, which only existed on paper. Until late 2012 when it came in contact with various micronations, the Hasani government was largerly isolated and only interacted with itself. During this period, Hasan Çakar made various economic plans in case Hasanistan ever succeeded in independence. In November 2012, a political crisis began after Hasan Çakar made comments about Israeli Jews on a post on the Hasani government's website about Israel's military operation against Gaza and Admiral Tanju Çakar accused him of anti-Semetism. Hasan Çakar was given an ultimatum to either resign or delete the online post, he decided to accept the latter. In 2012, Hasan Çakar made Hasanistan's first contact with the micronational community after getting recognition from the Aerican Empire[1]. Hasanistan joined the World Union shortly after. Although of this, Hasan could not maintain friendly relations with all micronations and the first of a series of diplomatic spats with Greek micronation Mouzilo began. The first diplomatic dispute between the two ended in early 2013 with them eventually becoming allies[2][3]. In June 2013, Hasan Çakar's single party rule was ended following threats from Admiral Tanju of a military coup[4]. After Hasan's dictatorship ended, Hasanistan's first democratic elections took place with Admiral Tanju and his newly formed Progressive Party beating the Secessionist Party and pro-dictatorship candidate Nico Fors to become the country's president. Hasan was banned from running as president until 2016. However Hasan continued as the Supreme Leader, which had been demoted to position of head of government. Hasan also continued to serve as Hasanistan's sole diplomat and he continued contact with the micronational community. Hasan continued his diplomatic goal of becoming influential in the World Union, helping Hasanistan becoming a major power in union. Hasan Çakar oversaw the Kekropia project between Hasanistan and Mouzilo's government, although this eventually failed due to conflict of interest.

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