Hamlinian Senate Elections, 2012

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Hamlinian Senate Elections 2012
October 13, 2012
Majority party Minority party
155px Stefanko New Cropped.jpg
Leader Casey Hamlin Daniel Stefanko
Party Libertarian Party Empire Party
Leader since 2011 2011
Leader's seat Hamlinia Stefankostan

The 2012 Hamlinian Senate Elections will be elections for the Hamlinian Senate. Five seats are up for election, including two states (Oasis Islands and Hamlinistan) that do not have Senate representation. The other three (Hamlinia, Sonoristan, and Stefankostan), have Senators, but it is expected for all three incumbents to retain their spots. The election will happen in conjunction with the Hamlinian Presidential Election, 2012, for which two incumbent senators will be running for both President and Senator.



Casey Hamlin, who is retiring from the Presidency after this election, announced on June 18, 2012 that he would run for another Senate term. He would no longer be Speaker, but would be active in all of the Senate's business. He is running unopposed, making the senate race a referendum on whether people approve of him, and bringing certainty for another year of libertarian presence to the Senate.


Daniel Stefanko, 2012 presidential candidate and incumbent Senator from Stefankostan, filed to run for another term.

Senator-less States

The Oasis Islands and Hamlinistan do not have Senators due to lack of population or lack of interest. No one has come forward to fill those positions.