Hamland National Party

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Hamland National Party Logo
Hamland National Party

Haemland Nadionale Perta
Chairmanking Lewis I
FoundedJanuary 2007
Preceded byHamland Underground Micronational Party
HeadquartersNew Kirriemuir
IdeologySocial Democracy, Civic Nationalism, Centrism, Hawkish Foreign Policy

The Hamland National Party is the largest political party in the Kingdom of Hamland and has been the largest party in parliament for the whole history of Hamland's democracy. It has traditionally been a Social Democratic or Democratic Socialist Party, but in recent years it has moved towards the political center and even adopted some more conservative policies because of it seeing its role as a representative party who looks after the country as a whole rather than the party's interests.

The HNP was an attempt to create political parties along the lines of those which existed at the time in real world politics but also an attempt to look at different ideologies in action. Its founder, the King, is neither a Nationalist or Monarchist and has since founded other parties along the lines of Maoism and Conservatism.


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