Commonwealth of Hamland

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Commonwealth of Hamland
Blank background.png
Coat of Arms

Capital cityNew Kirrie
Largest cityNew Kirrie
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Hammish, Tae
GovernmentConstitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
- SeneschalJuan Teadoir
- Prime MinisterGeneral Time
LegislatureChachis Del Nutra
Established12th September 2006 (As Hamland) 13th August 2013 (As Commonwealth)
Area claimedN/A
Population>20 Includes previous citizens
CurrencyHammish Obol
National animalUnicorn(Hamland), Griffin (Commonwealth)
Patron saintSt Josaphat


The Commonwealth of Hamland is a mostly simulationist Micronation which claims land on Micras. Founded in 2006 as a secessionist state, it has since developed an in depth political, sporting and economic simulation which has functioned without stop. in August 2013 Hamland was reformed from the Kingdom of Hamland into a Commonwealth, allowing for greater emphasis on its constituent nations which have been either created or annexed over its years of existence.

Political system

Hamland's political system is headed by the Seneschal, or Guardian, who maintains a symbolic monarchical role over the state. The Prime Minister is elected by parliament every month and nominates a cabinet to administer the country. Hamland is a de facto direct democracy as all citizens are free to sit in and vote in Parliament. Citizens will also have a membership of one of the constituent nations of Hamland. Nations such as Taeland, Passas, Scottania, Neo Patrova and Monovia have entered into a union or been annexed by Hamland over its history. Others such as Schoenland, Petrynsk, Anglia-Israat and San Luis Del Hamlandia are creations of the Hammish community which reflect previous states which have been situated in or near these territories.

Before its reform into a Commonwealth, Hamland had existed in a number of forms such as an Absolute Monarchy, Triumverate and semi-Presidential state. The current system has evolved from the various experiments which have taken place over the years.


Hamland is known for its very developed economy. There are two de facto currencies in Hamland, the Obol and the Credit, which are linked to the SCUE economic system used by various states on Micras. Hamland has one of the largest stock markets on Micras and has won a FNORD, a micronational award, for its economy.

Money is both traded on the stock market and used to make transactions between citizens.

Diplomatic Relations

Hamland has a largely liberal approach to international relations and has been a member of various stable alliances over the years. Its key allies in recent years have been Ashkenatza, Alexandria and Stormark. On top of this, Hamland maintains good relations with other states such as Mercury and Gerenia.

Hamland has had one major conflict in its history with its former rivals Ocia. This rivalry remains etched in the memory of citizens and service in the conflict is recognised by the Cold War Medal. Since the reformation there have been few conflicts with other states. There was a brief conflict with the Holy Empire of Jingdao which has since calmed.

Foreign Relations are conducted by the Foreign Office of the Commonwealth of Hamland.


Hamland has a large sporting history with its constituent members performing in various events across Micras. Hamland has notably won the FMF World Cup in 2013. The country is host to a number of leagues, the biggest of which being the Hamland Football League.

The Hammish forums are located here