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Free Kingdom of Hallgrenia

May 20th, 2018 — Present

Flag of Hallgrenia.png FlagCoa of Hallgrenia.png Coat of Arms

"Deum super omnia!" (Latin: "God above all!")
Hallgrenia's Territory.png Location of Hallgrenia
Capital city Great Hallgrenia
Largest city Great Hallgrenia
Official language(s) Portuguese
Official religion(s) 75% Nondenominational evangelicanism
25% Roman Catholicism
Short name Hallgrenia
Demonym Hallgrenian, Hallgrenic
Government Unitary libertarian monarchy
- Monarch King Murilo
- Political representative Crown Prince Rafael
Established 2018
Area claimed 308 m²
Population 4 (2019 census)
Currency Any currency, digital or not
Time zone (UTC−03)

The Free Kingdom of Hallgrenia, also known as Hallgrenia, is a micronation founded on May 20, 2018, by the prince Rafael I, located in the brazilian city of Sorocaba. It's a pragmatical nation with a libertarian trend ruled by a monarchical government.


The name Hallgrenia arose because of the name of the Hallgren dynasty, founding dynasty of Hallgrenia. Added "ia" to make it look more like the name of a country.



On May 20, 2018, Rafael Luttembarck Hallgren declared Hallgrenia's independence. His father, Murilo Ramos de Almeida Hallgren, was declared Murilo I of Hallgrenia. He declared your wife as Beatriz of Hallgrenia and the founder Rafael as Rafael, Crown Prince of Hallgrenia.

First expansion

On June 7, 2019, the first territorial expansion was made: the Duchy do Carvalho, a room of 8 m². This achievement was done peacefully, with the full consent of the landowner.

Government and politics

Hallgrenia is a monarchy. Although it does not have a written constitution, the government knows its limitations. There is no definite ideology, but there is a tendency towards libertarianism.

Law and order

By law, no one can intentionally injure anyone, not even the king.

Foreign relations

Currently, Hallgrenia is at the United Micronations. Some Hallgrenian allies are: Aestland, Kichmania, Severia, Libertad, the Great Illinois Empire and Columbusstan.


The country does not have access to weapons, due to Brazilian law. Not the army due to lack of population.

Geography and climate



The hallgrenian economy is based on selling products and recruiting people to Herbalife and selling and buying crypto-coins. There are no taxes, but citizens can make donations to the government. Trade with other micronations is not done.


In Hallgrenia, the language popularly spoken is Portuguese. Education, despite not having a large infrastructure, due to the low population, people have an excellent degree of education. The literacy rate is 100%.


There is no official Hallgrenian media.

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