Sean Cavanaugh

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Sean Cavanaugh
Sean Cavanaugh in 2017, Former Royal Residence".
President of Abrus
In office:
February 2nd, 2018
Premier Vacant
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born February 2002
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Political party Nation Alliance
Religion Anglicanism

Sean Cavanaugh (Born February 2002) is an Abranian Politician, and the 1st President of Abrus. He is the first person to ever hold office of the President of Abrus thus far. He is a key role in the foundation and preservation of AR.

Early Life and career

Sean Cavanaugh was born in February 2002 in the American State of North Carolina, this is where he was raised for most of his life. He is the founder of Abrus, drafter of the first and second constitutions of Abrus, the Former King of Abrus, the Former Governor General of Abrus, the Former Prime Minister of Abrus,, the former President of Abrus, and the former King of the 3rd Kingdom of Abrus.