HMS Bayliss

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A sketch of HMS Bayliss - No Photos were taken before she sank.
A sketch of HMS Bayliss - No Photos were taken before she sank.
Name HMS Bayliss
Namesake House of Bayliss
Commissioned 29 August 2018
Decommisioned 1 December 2019 (468 Days)
Identification D1
Fate Scrapped after sustaining heavy damage in the 2019 Lake Koi Pump Failure
Class Bayliss-class Destroyer
Length 15 cm
Armament 1x Bang Snap Launcher

HMS Bayliss (pennant number D1) was a wooden destroyer of the Imperial Lyteran Navy.

Bayliss was officially commissioned on 21 August, becoming the Lyteran Navy's only ship. Due to her design modifications from the original store brought wooden ship, the ship had design faults, namely a slight list to the right. This was rectified by it being tied to the edge of Lake Koi, and the calm waters of the lake posed little issue.

The ship stayed in it's tied condition for its entire service, bar the November 12 2018 and 2019 Military Parades, where it floated about on the lake and fired a few bang snaps. On November 30th, an issue with the filtration system caused the ship to be dragged partially underwater, pulled off its mooring line. The bang snaps, luckily, were soaked, so posed no threat of exploding. The ship remained like this for almost the entire day without anybody noticing, by the time the alarm was raised, the ship had been dragged against the Lake's sides so much that it had caused major structural damage to the bow, completely tearing the bang snap launcher off. The ship was pulled out, though it's bow decking almost immediately collapsed in on itself. The ship was declared unfit for a repair and was burnt on a chilly morning at 1 AM on December 1.