HIM Antonio I

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H.I.M. Antonio I
HIM Antonio I
Emperor of Qootärlænt
Reign since 2008
Coronation March 20th, 2008
Predecessor Throne established
Wife HIM Hibbe, Qajsirän'Qootärlænta
Born 1990
Religion Orthodox Charismatic Christianity

H.I.M. Antonio I is the founder and current Emperor of Qootärlænt.


His Imperial Majesty Antonio the First,
Emperor of Qootärlænt,
Prince of Antoniopel,
Grandmaster in the order of the Platypus,
Knight in the order of Flandrensis,
King of Totorijk,
Head of the Qootärlænt Space Agency,
Bisshop of the Qerx'Stoata'Qootärlænta,
Chairman of the Qootärfloams Language Union