H.M. Fjodor Nerun

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His Majesty Fjodor Alexander Nerun is the current (second) leader of Kingdom of New Malta.

Before coronation

Fjodor was born on December,12th 2002 in the capital of New Malta- Korona City as the son of H.M Leonard II and Princess Tanora. He passed his school and university. A few years later, Nerun married Princess Marena on March, 16th 2009. He became the Prince of Gozo in a few days.


On December 15, 2009 he was crowned as King of New Malta. The coronation was celebrated by the then Cardinal of New Malta, Farnur Gerżobar and Prince of Capital- Leon X.

Title and Honors

2002- March 2009: None. March 2009- December 2009: His Majesty Prince of Gozo. December 2009-: His Majesty Fjodor Alexander Nerun, the current King of New Malta.

National honors

New Malta- Order of Our Nation New Malta- Colour Island Order

Foreign honors

Foreign titles of nobility