Guinnoote Army Combat Force

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Guinnoote Army Combat Force
Established November 4, 2018
Country Guinnoote
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Ground Marshal Darian Loy
Chief of Ground Operations Darian Loy
Executive Officer, Ground Force Command Brody William
Vice-Ground Marshal Elijah Bruno
General information
Headquarters Fort Minor (Small bunker located in lancaster.)
Active personnel

Reserve personnel

Total personnel




Standard weapon Nerf Rifles (Old Nerf Weapons, only 1 is new.)

The Guinnoote Army Combat Force is the main defence for the Democratic Republic of Guinnoote. Formed to defend, expand and conquer.


The Guinnoote Army Combat Force was formed after disputes between other Micronations to combat enemy forces or trespassers. Commanded by Ground Marshal, Darian Loy.

Command structure

Overseen and funded by Ministry of Defense, commanded and administrated mainly by Ground Marshal, Darian Loy.


Ranks in the Guinnoote Army Combat Force are divided between commissioned officers and enlisted sailors:

Commissioned officers of the Guinnoote Army Combat Force


General Colonel Major Captain 1st




AO-7 AO-6 AO-5 AO-4 AO-3 AO-2 AO-1
AO-7 Admiral.png AO-6 Vice Admiral.png AO-5 Rear Admiral.png AO-4 Commodore.png AO-3 Captain.png AO-2 Commander.png AO-1 Lieutenant.png
Enlisted ranks of the Guinnoote Army Combat Force
Warrant Officer Staff Sergeant Sergeant Private First Class Private
E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
AE-5 Master Chief Pety Officer.png AE-4 Chief Petty Officer.png AE-3 Petty Officer.png AE-2 Seaman.png AE-1 Seaman Apprentice.png

Mobile Task Forces and Locations

The Mobile Task Force and Locations of the Guinnoote Army Combat Force

Date Formed Leader of Divison Rank of Leader Members Location Name of Division
November 6, 2018 Gage Freed Colonel 3 Mummy Drive - Lancaster MTF-ALPHA
November 4, 2018 Tony Kresge 1st Lieutenant 3 Mummy Drive - Lancaster MTF-BRAVO