Grunkian language

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Grunkian language
Not yet decided
Spoken in Grunkia.png Grunkia
Total users 1
Language family Constructed language
Language source English (primary)
Language type Constructed language
Writing system Grunkian alphabet (with Latin Romanization)
Official Status
Official language in Grunkia.png Grunkia
Regulated by Grunkian Language Office
ISO 639 codes gn/gr

The Grunkian language, or just simply Grunkian is one of the official languages in the Federal Republic of Grunkia, and also a language spoken by Grunkians in the Utopian Federation. It is currently in developing, as of Jan. 7th, 2013. It is a constructed language. The alphabet is continually being developed by the Grunkian Language Office which is headed by Gunho Kim, also the governor of Grunkia. It has close relation to the English language and other Germanic languages. One may call it "Grunkian-English" for the similarity of the Grunkian words to the corresponding English words.



The Grunkian language's origins began when the Federal Republic of Grunkia was founded. Its President and Founder Gunho Kim, decided to take the tricky and daunting task of creating a language for Grunkia. It was quite basic, and the words were extremely similar to the English language (some of these words made their way into the present Grunkian language). He later gave up, not to pick it up until the Utopian Federation was formed.


After a long period of muddling around with some ideas for the Grunkian language, the Federal Republic of Grunkia received an offer to join the Utopian Federation. They accepted, due to the fact that Gunho Kim was one of the main people who came up with the idea. He took a look at some of the languages that were introduced into Utopia, including Daltonese and Aerian. Gunho Kim, later in an interview, mentioned that he was "jealous" that "Grunkia had no culture at all, and was influenced by only America, Rome, and Canada". He announced he was creating a new language, and he started on the letters for A to E.