Green Anarchistic Kingdom of Utopia

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The Green Anarchistic Kingdom of Utopia is an ecological anarchistic democratic monarchy in Jerusalem Mountains.

Green Anarchistic Kingdom of Utopia

Flag Flagioultimtao.jpg
Government Community Kingdom
king The highest council
Capital Asbeston (31°47′0″N 35°13′0″E)
Largest City Shivta (30°53′N 34°38′E)
Official language Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic
short name Kingdom of Utopia
Demonym Utopian
Area Claimed 300 m2
Currency Utopian Dirham
Time zone Jerusalem
population 8
National Animal Jackal, Cat
National plant carob


The Utopian Economy is based of midle-eastern agriculture (carobs, fennels, olives, oranges, vines..).

Foreign relations

The kingdom of Utopia is Pacifist and we are in peace with everybody. Close trade relations with Belmonte castle.

National Days

The Independence day is on November 6. National cat day is on april 29th. National Summer day is on July 1.