Great Mizumori Empire

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The Great Mizumori Empire (Traditional Chinese 大水森帝國 Dà Shuǐsēn Dìguó japanese 大水森帝国 Dai Mizumori Teikoku) is a small nation located in the city of Darlington surrounded entirely by the American state of Wisconsin.

Mizumori is ruled by an emperor. The government is based on that of Tang dynasty China and Heian period Japan. It has three dapartments (sheng); the Chancellery (Menxia Sheng), the Department of State Affairs (Shangshu Sheng), and the Central secretariat (Zhongshu Sheng). The chancellor is elected by all adult citizens. The chancellor must approve all imperial edicts. The Department of State Affairs controls most of the government but must obey laws made by the Emperor.The eight ministries are part of the Department of State Affairs which coordinates their actions. The Central Secretariat publishes and records all government documents, it can also propose imperial edicts. The Central Secretariat also maintains the Imperial Archive, a library of history, art, and science.

The eight ministries are:

The Ministry of Revenue (Hù Bù),(Minbu-shō) The Ministry of Personnel (Lì Bù),(Shokuin-shō) The Ministry of Defence (Bīng Bù),(Hyōbu-shō) The Ministry of The Center (Zhōngyāng Bù),(Nakatsukasa-shō) The Ministry of Health (Wèishēng bù),(Kenkō-shō) The Ministry of Culture (Wénhuà Bu),(Bunka-shō) The Ministry of Justice (Xíng Bù),(Gyōbu-shō) The Ministry of Works (Gōng Bù),(Jigyō-shō)