Great Haven of Validor

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Great Haven of Validör

Byddwn yn uno, neu byddwn yn disgyn
The Hymn of Elerebeth
Capital city Validör
Largest city Validör
Official language(s) English, Welsh and BL
Official religion(s) Church of England
Demonym Validöraen
Government The People's High Council of Validör
- High Prince of Validör Llewelyn Lawton
- High Advisor Chris Topher of Loughrania
Established 10th day of midyeare 2013 2nd era or 10/06/2013/02
Area claimed 10M²
Population 200 Estamated
Currency Coin
Time zone (UTC)
National sport Spleefing and Blind man's Die
National dish Woodish hunt
National animal The Unicorn Dragon and Gryphon

The Great haven of Validör is a micronation founded on the 6th of Midyeare, 2013 2nd era in lands bordering Harldjarl and Loughrania .


The Haven Of Validör was formed by a group of Elves and Peredhil after the great war of the first era. Following the teachings of The white council and the bible. Validör developed a safe haven that allowed wrongly persecuted elves and men find refuge from darkness.

List of Notable Members (Current)

Llewelyn Lawton- High prince

Chris Topher- Chief advisor and ambassador for Loughrania

James Roycroft-General and lord of Serurekesh

Foreign relations

Validor maintains foreign relations with several other micronations.

Allied nations

Nations at war with.