Great 16 Ideas

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The Great 16 Ideas are the 16 ideals that guide the Setliberi Republic. The ideals were first written down by Maximillian J. Hanson in a meeting of the Setliberi Revolutionary Army. After independence, the Great 16 Ideas became enshrined in the Constitution and as the official ideology of the Setliberi Revolutionary Army and its political wing, the Setliberi Revolutionary Party.

The ideals

  • Protect national unity.
  • Protect the republican nature of the nation.
  • Honor all of those who died during the Setliberi Revolution.
  • Protect all human rights.
  • Make sure all Setliberis are fed, clothed, housed, loved, and fulfilled.
  • Protect all nonviolent minorities.
  • Oppose all unlawful violence.
  • Oppose fascism and monarchism in all of its forms.
  • Promote religious pluralism, including the rights of the non-religious.
  • Promote political pluralism within the Great 16 Ideas.
  • Promote science and medicine.
  • Make sure all food tastes good by having unpopular foods outlawed.
  • Promote the study of the Setliberi Revolution to instil patriotism in all children.
  • Allow all consensual sexuality.
  • Promote self-control and respect for others in all citizens.
  • Make sure the dying process is as safe and comfortable as possible.