Grand Unified Micronational election, April 2009

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GUM Chair election, April 2009

← February 2009 9–13 April 2009 July 2009 →
  Commerusia.png Kalvin koolidge.png
Candidate Robert Lethler Kalvin Koolidge
Party Communist Independent
Home state USMR Petorio
States carried 4 2
Percentage 66.7% 33.3%

Chair before election

Kalvin Koolidge

Elected Chair

Robert Lethler

Elections for the Chair, Judge, Security Council and Advancement Council of the Grand Unified Micronational were held between 9 and 13 April 2009. They were the GUM's second round of elections and the earliest elections for which records have been found.

Chair election

USMRflag.png Lethler Flag of Petorio.png Koolidge
4 2

Judge election

Flag of Francisville.png Stewart New Scientopian Flag.png Tierney
5 1

Security Council election

New Scientopian Flag.png Tierney Flagv3.png von Hartmann Flag stcharlie.png Reinhardt Murrayfield flag 3.png Lawson
3 1 1 1

All elected.

Advancement Council election

USMRflag.png Lethler Flag of Francisville.png Stewart Flag of Petorio.png Koolidge
4 2 1

All elected.