Grand Republic of Zetsukunia

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The Grand Republic of Zetsukunia is a dormant, self-described sovereign nation or micronation established on the 11th of March, 2018 by Horatio Eden, formerly of Whestcorea, the Free City-State of Edenopolis and the Democratic Union of British States. It is formally an active nation, its constitution enshrining a quadpartite division of powers between four different branches of government, but the territory of the nation (a stretch of land occupied in south-east England) is controlled in practice by the Provisional Government of Zetsukunia, a pseudo-governmental entity that is legislating on the nation's behalf until the constitutional government has sufficient staff to occupy the nation formally.

The nation formally and pseudo-legally occupies an unspecified stretch of land in south-east England. The government of Zetsukunia has refused to comment on where exactly this territory is, except to clarify that it is within reasonable driving distance of the south-eastern coast.

The government of the nation is divided between four distinct branches: the Secretary-General, formally the head of state of the nation who in practice has very little power beyond appointing government officials; the Chamber of Allocation, the actual executive branch responsible for the day-to-day running of the nation, chaired by a President who acts as head of government; the Chamber of Great Justice, the legislative branch of the nation occupied by a membership re-elected every six months; and the Chamber of Despair, the supreme court and court of last resort for all cases in the nation, as well as being the only court in the nation at all.