Grand Republic of Luca-Nova

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Grand Republic of Luca-Nova

For all, A better future

Luca-Nova claims in black
Capital cityNorth Yonkers
Largest cityBrooklyn Central
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)De Facto Christianity
Short nameLuca-Nova
GovernmentFederal Republic
- Prime MinisterMichael Villanova
LegislatureHouse of Lords
- Type - unicameral
Established29 November 2010
Area claimedN/A
CurrencyDifferentiates by Territory

The country of Luca-Nova or formally The Grand Republic of Luca-Nova is a micronation with multiple territories throughout the world, but most in New York, United States. The Micronation was founded in 2011 by Michael Villanova in Yonkers, New York in which members of his family and friends live on a ranch in the more rural part of the city. Originally thought of as a strange cult movement, the country still receiving water and electricity from America, has gained legitimacy with there structured Luca-Nova Parliament, laws and regulations. The Nation is not formally recognized by any other country yet still aims to become a more recognized nation.


Founding and Population

The history of the Luca-Nova nation is still currently developing. In the beginning only 14 people moved and identified with the nation, but soon numbers grew to about 30 people. The cousins and relatives of the Villanova family, the Lucas, also soon joined as a territory increasing the numbers to 44 total citizens. The final two territories to join where the Luca relatives in Ireland, Britain, and Germany. The Ireland territory, numbered six people the Britain territory also numbered six people, and the Germany territory now with 16 citizens. Present day the total population of the country numbers 73.

Forming a nation

Currently the nation has treaties with the host nations to still allow there benefits, electricity, water, and schooling to occur for the Luca-Nova citizens. The nation's founding and purpose was voted on and rectified in the national Luca-Nova Referendum 2010. The main purpose was to allow safety and stability for all it's members and if ever a citizen needed financial or other help, that it would be sent for straight away. The elected and unelected chamber of Parliament created to regulated and enforce these laws is the Luca-Nova House of Lords. The name was explained in a quote from then future Prime Minister Michael Villanova, "Simply we are fascinated with British people, plus it's really cool sounding."

2011 and beyond

The House of Lords passed many laws, regulations, and declarations. One of the first declarations was national recognition of 9/11 since a family member was killed during the tragic events. Another early declaration passed was a national gathering in the month of July, in Yonkers for Parliament to assemble. Even though the Parliament discusses matters over Skype, the meetings are held to keep the family members close. In 2011 the five territories were made, North Yonkers (the capital territory, with 22 people), Brooklyn Central (the largest territory, with 27 people), Ireland Territory (with 7 people), British Territory (with 6 people, and the German Territory (with 15 people).