Grand Province of Oglethorpe

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The Grand Province of Oglethorpe

Comprising Oglethorpe University
Official language(s) English
Demonym Ogle, Oglethorpian
Government Monarch Administrated Province
- Grand Duke Duke of the Grand Duchy of Cutkē
Area claimed approx. 100 acres
Population ~1,000
Currency Cutkēan Tok "Ʈ"
National animal Stormy Petrel


The Grand Province of Oglethorpe was formed through royal proclamation on 24 October 2014. It is named after James Edward Oglethorpe. It was seized from the United States and Oglethorpe University.


The Grand Province of Oglethorpe is a province, which is administered by the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Cutkē. Laws are only passed through monarchal mandates in this province. Human and nonhuman animals are accepted as citizens, and all human citizens must be vegetarian or face a fine and possible imprisonment.


The Grand Province of Oglethorpe contains Oglethorpe University. This university charges tuition to students. According to Oglethorpian law, 20% of that annual revenue is to be paid as tax to the Grand Duchy.