Grand Kingdom of Matachewan

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Grand Kingdom of Matachewan

2015 — Present

Matachewanflag.pngMatachewan's Greater Coat of Arms.png

Boże, Uratuj Matachewan
"Free Matachewan"

Capital cityOblate City
Largest cityOblate City
Official language(s)English, Polish
Recognised languagesFrench, Russian, Ukrainian
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Judaism
Short nameMatachewan
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy, Semi-Parliamentary Monarchy
- Król of MatachewanBrandon I
- Premier of Local AffairsBeau Edwards
- Royal ConsortN/A
- Premier of Global AffairsNicholas Lokin (Fill in for Christina)
- Speaker of the SejmNicholas Lokin
LegislatureGrand Sejm of Matachewan
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 12
Established30 June 2015
Area claimed[24.01ac]
Population45 Global Citizens, 27 Local Official Population
Currencymzl (Matachewanian Zloty)
Time zone(EST/ET)
National sportBaseball
National animalWhite Eagle
This nation is a member of the Micronational Assembly


The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, respectively known as Matachewan (Polish: Wielkie Królestwo Matachewan; French: Grand Royaume de Matachewan; Russian: Великое Королевство Матачеван; Ukrainian: Велике Королівство Матачеван.) Is a self-declared, sovereign-state or what most people would call a micronation. The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan was founded on 30 June 2015, as Matachewan but never joined the full micronational community until 3 August 2018. The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan has claims in Matachewan Ontario and St. Catharines Ontario.


The name of Matachewan came from its original geographical location. The word Matachewan comes from the Matachewan First Nation that first settled Matachewan and the word means "Meeting of the Waters". The word doesn't have an official origin on why it was created but we like to believe that the Matachewan First Nation made and named themselves off the Upper and Lower Matachewanian Lakes that feed into the Montreal River.

Matachewan never had a Demonym and just went by Matachewan until 3 December 2018 when King Brandon Mierzwa introduced "Matachewanian" adding "-ian" to the end of Matachewan.

All Matachewanian States


Early Matachewan (2015 - 2017)

The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan was founded in June 2015 under the Independent City of Matachewan by Brandon Mierzwa. The nation was like any other growing micronation at the time, it was proud in its work and it tried to look and strive for a better future. Matachewan wasn't widely known at this time and refused to move onto the internet.

Matachewanian Civil War

Like most micronations back in 2015, Matachewan felt like it was necessary to get involved in some sort of conflict and apparently that conflict was with itself. Matachewan did fight small land battles around its claimed territory but nothing was to become of this and the country eventually died off.

Modern Matachewan (2018 - Present)

2018 and Matachewan

August - October

After two long years of no national progress and absolutely no activity, Matachewan eventually came back on 3 August 2018, as the Kingdom of Matachewan. The Kingdom of Matachewan was a small discord dependent micronation with nothing really going for it until it meat the Fifth Aenderian Republic and Auvenum. Matachewan was to get involved in some conflict between the two nations eventually leading the Matachewanian-Nerdystanian War which was never physically fought and is really just a relic of when Matachewan was more of a simulationist state.

November - December

Auvenum and the Final Days of the Robertson Sea Conflict

October of 2018 was a hard time for Matachewan because of its recent declaration of war against Nerdystan and the fact that major micronations like Auvenum and Aenderia joined in. By November Matachewan was divided between Owen Leski's Republic and Brandon Mierzwa's Commonwealth. On December 3rd Matachewan finally sued for peace and made a deal with Auvenum to create a NATO like defense pact but sadly nothing came of it. After the Robertson Sea Conflict Matachewan would start its downspiral and eventually be annexed by the Kingdom of Groponigën (Gropenigen in Matachewanian).

Early Days of the Micronational Assembly and Transition of Power

Somewhere just before New Years 2019, Matachewan joined the Micronational Assembly as a member of the organization. Not much was done or documented but it is believed this is when Matachewan was desperately looking for other micronations to invest time into the country and hopefully obtain citizens. This plan didn't work because the state of Matachewan was already starting to crumble. On December 27th 2019, the Matachewanian State declared a Republic hoping to improve activity among the citizenry but this would ultimately fail. The first election in the Republic was the final nail in the coffin for Matachewan, or so we thought, when Milaw Oakforrest became President of the Republic.

End of 2018

2018 was a rough year for Matachewan, many great improvements were made on the country until it finally fell to the cycle that most micronations fall into and that is inactivity and lack of interest. 2019 wouldn't be any better for Matachewan.


The executive branch of Matachewan is currently made up of the following people, Premier Beau Edwards, Premier of Global Affairs Robert Smith and His Majesty Brandon I.

Council of Ministers (Cabinet)

The Council of Ministers is appointed by both Premiers of Matachewan to oversee there respective agencies and ministries. The Council is made up of Ministers, however Advisors are also permitted to attend and oversee Council activity but may only speak of behalf of the Minister of the department said Advisor works under.

The Ministries Include: (as of 2020)
 • Ministry of Defense manages military affairs of the Kingdom and observes and upkeeps security and defense of local territory and the government discord server.
 • Ministry of Interior & Economic Development manages and oversees Matachewan's economic and industrial growth.
 • Ministry of Peoples Representation & Justice manages Matachewan's legal system and ensures the peoples voices are heard.
 • Ministry of Education & Environment manages Matachewanian Education and Schooling as well as protecting the natural environment of local territories.
 • Ministry of Digital Assets and Foreign Affairs manages the Foreign Affairs of Matachewan and keeps the government server and online assets running.

The current list of Ministers after the June 1st elections looks like this:

  • Minister Simon Fraser - Ministry of Interior & Economic Development
  • Minister Xavier - Ministry of Peoples Representation & Justice
  • Minister Tomasz o Kruki Bango - Ministry of Digital Assets & Foreign Affairs
  • Minister Archie Birch - Ministry of Education & Environment
  • HM Brandon I - Ministry of Defense


Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Sejm Premier Local Premier Global Cabinet
Matachewan Patriotic Front
Pro Con Logo.jpg
Yuriy Aleksander Monarchism, Flexible Conservatism, Patriotism
2 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
0 / 5
United Northern Liberal Party of Matachewan
United Northern Liberal.png
Nicholas Lokin Liberalism, Left Nationalism
0 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
0 / 5
Social Union Party of Matachewan
Robert Smith Social Democracy, Patriotism, Socialism
9 / 12
1 / 1
1 / 1
4 / 5
Green Islamic Weeb Party of Matachewan
IWPM Logo.png
Archie Birch Progressiveness, Environmentalism
1 / 12
0 / 1
0 / 1
1 / 5


Country Matachewan Recognizes Recognizes Matachewan Alliance War Official Diplomat to Matachewan Official Diplomat from Matachewan
Principality of Bomistan Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Imperial Federation of Elysium Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Yes Yes Unknown No Unknown Unknown





Map of Matachewan

Historical Maps of Matachewan


The climate of Matachewan varies between two main territories. The climate of Central Matachewan (Oblate City, Fort Carlton, Louisville, Thorald CIty) would be described as Humid Continental Climate. The climate of Northern Matachewan (Fort Matachewan/Bell Island) can be described as Humid Continental Climate however due to the long winters and lack of humidity it could also pass of as a Subarctic Climate and because of its super long winters and massive temperature drops it'll be labeled as Subarctic.

Oblate City, Fort Carlton, Louisville, Thorald Stone City

Climate data for Grand Kingdom of Matachewan /Oblate City/Fort Carlton/Louisville/Thorald Stone City)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -0.8
Average low °C (°F) -8.2
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 61
Source: EN Climate Data[1]



Matachewan is currently undergoing localization and a key part of localization is the development of the economy through industrial means.

Mining Attempts and Plans

On 30 November 2019 Beau Edwards and Brandon Mierzwa went out on a mining expedition in hopes of finding quarts and other surface rocks. What they came back with was a small amount of quarts and small fossils.

On the 2nd of December 2019 Brandon and a few other ministers decided they would go mining for clay to create pottery to sell off and make bricks. The work done was impressive as they dug almost 8 feet into the ground striking what they thought was clay. After 1 week of digging and further examination of the "clay" it was found out that the "clay" they've been mining was just hardened dirt. After the news the operation soon was abandoned.

Farming Plans

Matachewan is preparing to make small planters which will be used to grow small plants like Dill and Parsley. Matachewan also has plans to make an all year farm using potatoes. The attempts at farming are small but a nation must start somewhere.

Current Industry

Future Industry

Matachewanian Zloty

Matachewanian Zloty
1mzl Bank Note (DO NOT PRINT).png
Official usersMatachewan
Unofficial usersNone
Pegged toCAD - $00.10 Soon to be pegged to Silver
Banknotes1mzl, 2mzl, 5mzl, 10mzl, 20mzl
Central bankRoyal Bank of Matachewan
PrinterRoyal Mint of Matachewan
MintRoyal Mint of Matachewan

Coat of Arms & Flags

Coat of Arms

The Matachewanian Coat of Arms has always been important to the people and the nation to better favor the nations global representation through heraldry.

Meaning Behind the Coat of Arms

The National CoA of Matachewan has always been changed depending on if the nation identified as a certain leading ideology or a way of delegating power. Much of Matachewan's life was fighting, instability and the transition of power from one leader to another and then falling back on a former leader. Matachewan has always been built around its Polish culture and local Catholic majority. With these two things along with Matachewan's troubled times Matachewan's CoA has religious symbols and of course an Eagle to represent the population and to respect the culture. Often times the Eagle of Matachewan can be seen holding a sword or even a gun during times of war or times of trouble to represent that Matachewan herself will raise over any enemy even in the face of defeat.

Greater Coat of Arms Mierzwa Monarchy.png December 2019 - Present

Lesser Coat of Arms Matachewan Lesser Coat of Arms.png December 24th 2019 - Present

Old Greater Coat of Arms

Greater Matachewanian Coat of Arms.png May 14th 2019 - May 27th 2019

Greater Matachewanian CoA.png October 2019 - December 2019


Meaning Behind the Flag(s)




  • Royal Flag of Matachewan.jpg Cross of Regent Tablekitten
  • Royal Flag of Matachewan.jpg Order of the White Eagle
  • Royal Flag of Matachewan.jpg Order of the Imperial Eagle 1
  • Royal Flag of Matachewan.jpg Order of the Imperial Eagle 2
  • Royal Flag of Matachewan.jpg Cross of St. Peter
  • Royal Flag of Matachewan.jpg Cross of King Johann

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