Grand Kingdom of Riverhoek

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Grand Kingdom of Riverhoek
Kleinhoek stam.png

Capital cityOrwick (Riverhoekan: Oruikk)
Official language(s)English, German, French, Chinese, Riverhoekan
- KingJohan I.
Established14 October 2018
Area claimedcca 1 km²
CurrencyRiverhoekan Pound


On May 23, during school, Johan Lanister offered his friend to create a virtual state - the Republic of Augustinа. Then began the story of the creation of the Kingdom of Riverhoеk. At first, only Lantister and Nick Landyne entered Augustina. After some time, they abandoned this project because of the school. Then Johan Lanister remembered the idea of creating a state. Then on started a short age of the Internet Augustina

Foreign relations

Riverhoek has opened relations with three micronations so far.