Grand Governor Young

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Drew Young MBE

Grand Governor of Wandelstein
Young, 2018.
Grand Governor of Wandelstein
In office
11 March 2018 - Present
Predecessor Office established
Leader of the Wandelstein National Party
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 14 January 1997 (1997-01-14) (age 23)
Glasgow, Scotland
Citizenship Wandelstein
Nationality British
Ethnicity Scottish
Residence New Zealand
Profession Politician, Lifeguard
Religion Agnostic

Drew Young (/druː ˈjʌŋ/; born 14 January 1997) is a Wandelsteinian politician serving as 1/2 of Wandelstein's Grand Governors since March 2018 and Leader of the Wandelstein National Party since 1 May 2018. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Crecos electorate since 11 March 2018. Young is Wandelstein's youngest male head of government, having taken office at age 13.


Young was introduced to micronationalism whilst undergoing secondary education and it was nations such as Molossia and Sealand of which Inspired him to "Join in on the fun' He was quoted of saying Mid-May of 2018 This later resulted in the birth of Meleninia A democracy founded by Young and good friend, Oliver Pracy in 2016. later, Following discussion with other individuals interested in the Micronational community, he drafted and founded The Grand state of Wandelstein on 11 March 2018 along side Lukas Hunter

I first joined the Micronational Community in Mid-2016, As more or less a passion project, however looking back on it It's given me a better view on politics and leadership that I never thought to have gained from it originally, In-fact These new-found skills have most definitely help me along the way and indeed helped me in making Wandelstein Thrive

— Drew Young 2018