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Grand Duke Theo also known as Theo Chang is a micronationalist. Theo Chang joined the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia in winter, 2000. Within days, he had announced his candidacy to the Presiding Secretaryship of Mattimeo, having been informed by federal officials that imminent federal elections were to coincide with those in Mattimeo.

However, according to Mattimean officials, provincial elections were scheduled for April and October. Provincial officials referred Chang to the local constitution (which was soon after mysteriously lost) and explained that the election was some time away. Chang, believing the Federal announcement to be valid, insisted on the immediacy of the election. To compound the fiasco, the federal Electoral Commissioner mistakenly (?) included a Mattimean ballot in the federal election that winter. A Mattimean citizen who was desperate to stop Chang then also declared himself as a candidate. Federal officials began to accept votes and count ballots. When the election was cancelled, Chang was actually leading in the balloting. An enraged Chang cited this as evidence of provincial officials' duplicity. An appeal to the Federal courts was ignored.

Emperor Jacobus used the situation as an illustration of the illegitimacy of the VCC government. He offered to name Chang as Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Mattimeo. This territory was created by Emperor Jacobus as a reward for service by Theo Chang from territories occupied by Imperial forces as a result of the recent war. (see: Second War for Cyberian Liberation, Free Cyberia. Chang has since been involved at the side of Jacobus in many activities as Ambassador and as a miltary commander.

Chang was also a citizen of Tymaria and of Jaris.

Theo served as Provisional Governor of the Federal Cyberian province of Mattimeo, and is now a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Federal Republic of Cyberia.