Grand Duchy of Sudstadt

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The Grand Duchy of Sudstadt
The Flag of the Grand duchy of sudstadt.pngVariant flag.png

By the birds above. Lundy, Stykria,Chekovskaya.We thank you
Guard the rhine
Capital cityLesser Sudstadt
Largest cityGreater Sudstadt
Official language(s)English,German
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSudstad
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- Grand DukeHunter Grau
- Type - Unicameral
Established9th May 2013
Area claimed>3 km²
CurrencyBritish Pound
Time zone(UTC -8)
This nation is a protectorate of the New Kingdom of Lundy


The Grand Duchy of Sudstadt or, Protectrate of Sudstadt Is a Duchy founded originally by the Republic of Styrka, but later colonised by the Kingdom of Lundy, and then released as a protectorate after the Styrkan War.


After MWW1 Lundy gained a very strong influence in Styrka, and intended to use the southern half of the country as a base, free from Styrkan law. However, with the failure of the empire of southern Styrka those plans were dashed.But then later it seemed that Styrka had was going to cut off Lundian influence, this was deemed unacceptable, and so it joined along with 3 other nations to end Styrkan rule. After the war had ended with an allied victory the protectorate was carved out of the province of Sudstadt, where Lundian influence was most strongest.

After another invasion from Styrka, Sudstadt was put back under Styrkan control, but kept its status as protectorate of Lundy,and a monarchy.

On the 2nd of January, 2014, due to the InterMicronational Judicial Court, Sudstadt is claimed by Stryka, after the Duke of Sudstadt (Alexei Janiszewski). Styrka has a presence in the region, however Lundy still states that it is a protectorate of Lundy, however no physical presence is there.