Grand Duchy of Oceanis

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Grand Duchy of Oceanis
Großherzogtum von Ozeanies
Gramm Duchi y Oceanies


Goed csaef unz Isliske Hoisg! (English: God save our Island Home!)
Geistliches Lied - Johannes Brahms
South Pacific Ocean
Capital cityMendezstadt
Largest citySørstein
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity (de facto)
Short nameOceanis
GovernmentConstitutional Representative Diarchy
- Grand DukeNot yet established
- ArchdukeDaniel I of Oceanis
LegislatureFederal Council
Area claimed7.739mi²
Population9 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencyOceanise Sand Dollar (O$D)
Time zonePST
National sportRugby
National animalMurphy's Petrel

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The Grand Duchy of Oceanis is a micronation founded on January 15, 2017.


The name 'Oceanis' comes from the Ocean which the country is surrounded by.


On January 15, 2017 Archduke Daniel I issued a proclamation and declared Oceanis a free and independent state. Since then the Grand Duchy has worked to thrive not only for its citizens but for the land and natural resources around it. A Grand Duke has not been established yet but once a Grand Duke takes offices he will remain in office until death or resignation.

Government and politics

In the Grand Duchy of Oceanis there is only one major political party, the Oceanise Constitutional Conservative Party (Oceanisisch Konszituutenil Ckonsirvatin Perti (Oceanise)) The Archduke was instated upon the country's founding (as he is the Founder) and will remain in the throne until his death or his offspring takes power. The Grand Duke is currently uninstated however that us expected to change soon.

Law and order

Enforcing of the laws shall be the power of the Federal Police. The Federal Police has the authority to detain and arrest any persons thought to have broken any of the laws governing the Grand Duchy. Arrests cannot be made without probable cause, nor can they be made based on skin colour or racial background alone. If arrested the individual can be detained for a 48-hour period before further action must be taken. Whether that may be release or prosecution. Further setup of the Federal Police will be given to the Federal Council and the Police. The head of Police is a member of the Federal Council who has been a police member at one time, if there are no council members who have served, then the leadership goes to the Grand Duke until alternative sufficient leadership for the Federal Police is found.