Grand Duchy of Cutkē

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SvgFileService.png The flag of the Grand Duchy symbolizes the rich culture of the nation. The golden wreath symbolizes equality of all individuals -- land, air, and sea. It was adopted on 24 July 2014.


The Grand Duke rules all land within the Grand Duchy, and laws are passed through either monarchal mandates or the people can create and vote on laws with a 50% majority. Currently, the Grand Duchy accepts citizenship of animals, and the current population is 3 citizens. The only current law is that all human citizens must be vegetarian.


Early History

The Grand Duchy was founded and immediately took new territory. The Grand Duke granted two citizenships bringing the total population count to 3. 2 Royal Houses were created, one of which rules, and the other retains citizenry. Only citizens whose family is granted Royal status can participate in elections though gaining royal status is not hard. One must only be in accordance with Cutkē culture and laws. This system has worked well so far.

Union with The Lemon Kingdom

By royal proclamation, the The Lemon Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Cutkē will be formally joined on 27 July 2014. The Grand Duchy will take primary stewardship over the Lemon Kingdom; however, the Lemon Kingdom will remain a sovereign nation as will the Grand Duchy of Cutkē. This union will last for as long as the succession laws of the two monarchies keep the nations joined. Citizens of the Grand Duchy and Citizens of the Lemon Kingdom will be granted dual citizenship in both.

Creation of The Lemon Protectorate

The Grand Duchy absorbed the Lemon Kingdom on 27 July 2014 and officially created The Lemon Protectorate as a semi-autonomous protectorate zone.

Claim and Creation of the Grand Province of Oglethorpe

On 24 October 2014, the Grand Duchy claimed 100 acres in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This area is now under Ducal control. The purpose of this claim was to provide a stable economic generator to the Grand Duchy, but also to improve and support the liberal arts. The Province is under a 20% tax, but has not paid. A yearly interest rate of 1% has been assessed until all debts are paid.


The Grand Duchy is currently working on creating a variety of online websites specializing in sales. Since no boarders are de facto controlled, not much can be produced for this country. The Grand Province of Oglethorpe is supposed to pay a 20% general tax; however, this tax has not been paid in recent years and sits in collection. Our current currency is the Cutkē Tok, which are produced by the National Bank of Cutkē. The current exchange rate is 1Ʈ = 100 USD. Toks are often used fractionally up to 1/1000Ʈ.

Territories and Holdings