Grand-Duchy of Gibenest

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Grand-Duchy of Gibenest
Grand-Duché du Gibenest (FR)


Together and happy (EN), Ensemble et heureux (FR)

Le chant du coeur

Largest cityBrulumont

GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Grand-Duke of GibenestOlivier I
Formation12 July 2015
Area11 km² (IRL), 82,14 km² (RP)
Population1 (IRL), 134 235 (RP)
CurrencyFranc of Gibenest
Time zone(UTC+1)


Gibenest, officially the Grand Duchy of Gibenest, also known by the acronym GDG, is a micronation founded on July 12, 2015 by Olivier I, the ruler of the Gibenest.


For now, the Gibenest counts only one territory but its representatives hope that other territories will join them. The only territory is the city of Brulumont cut into 4 districts.


The Gibenest became independent on 12 July 2015 following the sovereign declaration made by Olivier Ier

For two years, the micronation was left alone but on August 2, 2017, the Grand Duke decided to introduce the Gibenest to the world, creating a Twitter account and a website.


During the night of 3 August 2017, the Holy Empire of Artinia and the Grand Duchy of Gibenest signed a diplomatic treaty.

On August 5, after a proposal made by Artinia, Gibenest joined the International Micronation Federation (IMF)


For two years, the Grand Duke Olivier I managed the country alone. But on August 5, the announcement surprised the country a little, for the Grand Duke decided to align himself with a government of ten ministers.


The Gibenest has several media, all public:

- Antenne 2, general interest channel diversified into programs

- ITelevision, a continuous information channel (international branch: ITelevisionWorld)

- Le Brulumontois, national daily newspaper


The Gibenest would like to be well represented in sports and would like to create several sports federations (football, rugby, basketball, hockey, etc.)

Public holidays

January 1: New Year

May 1: Labor Day

July 12: Independence Day

July 13: Gibenest Day

July 14: National Day

November 1: All Saints Day

November 13: Tribute to Paris

December 25: Christmas

December 31: New Year's Eve

Days of tributes