Grand-Duchess of Beremagne

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Grand-Duchess of the
Principality of Beremage
Coat of Arms of Beremagne (Micronation).png
Principality's official Coat of Arms, used by the Government
"Position Abolished"
Government of the Principality of Beremagne
StyleGrand-Duchess (Or Grand-Duke)
The Right Honourable
(within Beremagne)
Her Excellency
(in international correspondance)
StatusHead of Government
Reports toThe Sovereign-Prince
AppointerThe Monarch of Beremagne
usually appoints the leader of the most powerful party or a citizen who earn the most votes during the elections.
Formation11 February 2018
First holderSir Arnaud Aurand
As first Chief of the Government and de facto first Grand-Duke

The Grand-Duchess of the principality of Beremagne is the head of the Beremian's government. The Prime Minister (informally abbreviated to PM) are collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the Monarch, to Parliament, to their political party and ultimately to the electorate.


The Grand-Duchess is the head of the Beremian's government. In addition, the Prime Minister leads generally a major political party. The incumbent wields both significant legislative and executive powers. Under the Principality of Beremagn's system, there is a unity of powers rather than separation of them. In an executive capacity the Grand-Duchess appoints (and may dismiss) all other ministers, and co-ordinates the policies and activities of all government departments, and the staff of the Civil Service. The Grand-Duchess also acts as the public "face" and "voice" of His Highness' Government, both at home and abroad.

Appointment (Procedure)

Every 5 years, elections are scheduled to appoint a new citizen to the crucial role that is to be the Grand-Duke(Duchess). Elections are planned on the web, to follow the general principality's project concerning technology, and the use we make of it. At the issue of the vote (2 Tours at the maximum), the winner is announced by the authority responsible of the designation of the new holder. The Monarch is immediately advised by his cabinet of the results of the procedure.

Creation of a new government

After the elections, the Monarch's cabinet schedule a meeting between him and the new Grand-Duke(Duchess). During this private moment, the Sovereign ask to the Head of Government :

"As the Prince of Beremagne, after the elections of (date), i ask you to form a new government for the Principality of Beremagne"

In theory and in the major part of cases, the elected citizen agree to the Monarch's request and form a new government composed by Ministers, Advisors, assistants etc...

Suspension of the post

In case of a major crisis into the government, in which the contact is lost, the Monarch can suspend the Grand-Duke(Duchess) and take the responsability of his own actions. After the crisis moment, the Head of Government must be re-appointed a second time as described before. A new government can be created, it's not mandatory, and the former ministers and assistant can take their functions as before.

List of the Grand-Duchess(Dukes)

No. Name Portrait In function Family Title
I Arnaud Aurand
Coat of Arms of Beremagne (Micronation).png
11 February
30 May
Aurand Grand-Duke of Beremagne
Sir Arnaud Aurand was the first Grand-Duke of the principality. He has been appointed by the Monarch during the fomation of the monarchy, the 11 February 2018. He approved the first constitution, and created a lot of services currently used. He dismissed the 30 May 2018 after some disagreements between him, and the Sovereign.
II Lucie S.
Coat of Arms of Beremagne (Micronation).png
06 June
25 January
Grand-Duchess of Beremagne
Lady Lucie S. is the actual holder of the title of Grand-Duchess and the head of the Beremian's Government, since the 06 June 2018.