Grémmian Space Agency

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Grémmian Space Agency
Unofficial logo

Affliation Grémmia

Established 3 June 2012

Headquarters Dæŋiexx

The Grémmian Space Agency is the governmental agency in the Democracy of Grum that is responsible for developing and creating aircraft and sub-orbital spacecraft. It was unofficially created on June 3, 2012, and has experience in creating solar-heated hot air balloons and kites.

Solar Balloons

Although vague plans of building solar balloons had existed before Grémmia joined the micronational community, the solar balloon project was created mainly as a response to the successful Aureus Project of Egtavia. It is still in the developmental stage and is underfunded.



  • GNS Determination - 4-bag tetroon; Constructed April 3, 2012; decommissioned
  • GNS Gɛ'ɛt - 25-bag tetroon; Constructed between June 3–4, 2012; lost
  • GNS Gɛ'ɛt-A - 25-bag tetroon; Constructed June 6, 2012; decommissioned
  • GNS Montgolfier - unknown type; Planned for construction