Government of Saxeberg

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Kingdom of Saxeberg

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His Majesty's Government of Saxeberg is the government of the legislation of Saxeberg. The Government is led by the Prime Minister with the rest of the Royal Council being chosen by the monarch and appointed to Ministries by the Prime Minister.


The Monarch is the Head of State in Saxeberg. The Monarch has considerable power within Saxeberg, being able to create any law and veto any law of the Royal Council. It is the job of the monarch to appoint members of the Saxeberg Noble Party to the Royal Council.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the Head of Government in Saxeberg. The Prime Minister has more diplomatic power than the monarch however less influence within the Royal Council itself. The Prime Minister leads the government through it's legislation and appoints the Minister and Deputy Minister of each ministry.

Royal Council

The Royal Council is the unicameral house that makes up the legislation of Saxeberg. There are 6 seats including the monarch and Prime Minister and each seat requires the councilor to be a knight or a noble. If the councilor is neither upon assuming their position then they will be knighted at the start of their first session. Councillors are entitled to the post-nominal "KC" meaning "Knight Councillor" during their tenure.

Bills are written up by the Minister and Deputy Minister then presented in a session of Council, passing this the bill becomes a law.

Home Office

The Home Office (headed by the Home Minister) is the ministry responsible for Home affairs. This includes; Education, Infrastructure, Economy, Justice and Health.

Foreign Office

The Foreign Office (headed by the Foreign Minister) is the ministry responsible for foreign affairs. This includes; Military, Diplomacy, Transport, Culture and Business.