Government of Misberia

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Misberian Confederacy
Confédération Misberian
Kilun Neqqenike
Confederación Misberiana
Misberia Flag.png
DoM 2020 COA.png
National Arms
Motto: Life is but a sapling
Anthem: A Trip to The Grand Banks
CapitalWihke of Aci
Wihke of Azul
Largest cityGreater Songo
Official languagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Passamaquoddy-Maliseet
GovernmentParliamentary Imperial Monarchy
• Madakawando Sakom
Archie Birch
• Witapal
• Vice Witapal
House of Lords
Independence from United States
• Misberian Independence
15 April 2015
• Reformed
23 November 2018
• Imperialization
8 October 2020
• Dismantlement
24 February 2021
• Reformed
6 March 2021
• 2021 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyNES Confier, Misberian Franc
Time zoneUTC-3:00
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (Songolese Calendar)
Drives on theright
Patron saintStar of The Sea

The Misberian government was a uni-carmel imperial system with the former head of state being Madakawando Sakom Archie Birch with the Parliament of Misberia being the main legislative body for the nation. The nation also held two small bodies, the Imperial Advisory Cabinet made up of the ministers of the nation and the House of Lords, made up of each Sakom in the nation for each region. The government was last lead by a Witapal with Jamie Birch being the last Witapal of the nation since the 3rd of November 2020.

Political Parties:

Main Article: Political Parties in Misberia


The following Government Ministries are headed by ministers who comprise the Imperial Advisory Cabinet to the Madakawando Sakom:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs - Currently lead by Jamie Birch, is in charge of maintaining the regions of the nation by checking with the all the Sakoms, in charge of running the bi yearly census on the nation's population and is responsible with maintaining and keeping updated reports on the armed forces, intelligence services, law proposals from citizens and the Madakawando Sakom.
  • Ministry of Preservation and History - Currently lead by Luis Marcel, is in charge of maintaining the preservation of all Misberian records, the Marcel Imperial Library, census reports, cultural reports and a list of national parks and places of national interest.
  • Ministry of Commonwealth Relations - Currently lead by Robert Smith, is in charge of maintaining any updates and reports to come from the condominium agreement with Antonian Empire and Reino de Atlia over the region of Balls Pyramid Archipelago.
  • Ministry of Royal and Imperial Affairs - Currently lead by Anthony Birch, is in charge of maintaining and reporting on any updates or reports from the Misberian Royal Family, Imperial Affairs with other nations or honors and awards being given out to citizens and community members.
  • Ministry of Community Affairs - Currently lead by Archie Birch, is in charge of maintaining and reporting on any Misberian treaties, entry into organizations, updates from organisations and representing the Misberian nation in the community.
  • Ministry of National Health - Currently lead by Archie Birch, is in charge of maintaining and reporting on any national health concern, deciding and announcing any COVID-19 restrictions or updates on the nation.
  • Ministry of Socialism - Currently lead by Andrew Franson, is in charge of maintaining the ideals of socialism within the nation by suggesting ideas to the Parliament of Misberia as well as providing historical examples on how socialist programs, ideas and values can be incorporated into the nation.
  • Ministry of The Sciences and Arts - Currently lead by James C, is in charge of maintaining and promoting the education and exploration of the sciences, arts and reports on any programs within the nation including the Misberian Polaris Program.
  • Ministry of Technology - Currently lead by Vacant, is in charge of reviewing and accepting any company applications, economic affairs including the updating of the Misberian Franc yearly and promoting technology based solutions for the nation and its issues.


The Parliament of Misberia is the sole legislature body for the nation, the parliament is elected every four months and is lead by the Witapal of the nation. This legislature is split into six seats based on region and population, with ministers not being apart of the parliament itself unless elected making the total number of seats fluctuate every election term. Ministers and the Witapal are unable to vote during the parliamentary sessions are able to present legislation and reports. The Witapal is required to present any legislation approved by the parliament to the Madakawando Sakom for imperial approval.

Name Party Council Took Office Notes
Seventh Misberian Parliament
Jamie Birch Witapal 3 November 2020 Also serves as the Minister of Internal Affairs
Zanti Pacific Council 30 January 2021
Kor'renn'a Atlantic Council
Anthony Birch Greater Diaspora Council
James C East American Council
Maeve Greater Songo Council
Ministers of IAC
Luis Marcel Greater Diaspora Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Preservation and History
Robert Smith Greater Diaspora Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Commonwealth Affairs
Andrew Franson Greater Diaspora Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Socialism
Archie Birch Greater Songo Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Community Affairs and National Health

House of Lords

The house of lords is a body made up of all the Sakom's of the regions in the nation as well as the Minister of Internal Affairs and Witapal, this body holds not legislative power and is designated a place for Sakoms to ask for help and support in their regions, this also acts as the advisory council for the Madakawando Sakom in rare instances.

Name Party Region Took Office Notes
House of Lords
Jamie Birch Witapal 3 November 2020 Also serves as the Minister of Internal Affairs
Jason Reach Timberia 5 August 2020
Drew Tolowa 14 November 2020
Joshua Three Fires 1 December 2020
James C Kecoughtan 4 December 2020
Matthew Xia Cǎo Chǎng 4 December 2020
Weldingo East Holtzrad 5 December 2020
Joe C Greater Songo 10 December 2020
Archie Birch BME 10 December 2020
Jamie Birch Carey Islands 21 January 2021
Kor-renn'a Leenderkapplerbos 26 May 2020
Max Baez Astrolatia 11 January 2021
Zanti Tanesia 21 January 2021


The Dynasty of Masqemus is the ruling house of Misberia. The current head of the Dynasty of Masqemus is Archie Birch, Madakawando Sakom of Misberia. All of those in the line of succession to the Throne of Masqemus are members of the House of Masqemus or are related to it through blood, marriage or adoption. The dynasty holds some or all influence in nations like Antonian Empire, People's Republic of Adonia, Kingdom of Aspen and Pyrostan