Government of Kirkland

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The Government of the Empire of Kirkland is the group of sovereign bodies outlined in the Constitution of Kirkland to rule Kirkland. It consists of four major bodies: The Sovereign, the Privy Council, the Parliament, and the Kirkish Court.

The Sovereign

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The Sovereign, currently Emperor Brayden I, is the hereditary monarch of Kirkland. The Sovereign is the highest executive authority in Kirkland and is the head of what could be considered the executive branch of the Kirkish Government. The Sovereign has the power to enact "Imperial Decrees". These royal decrees hold the weight of law and can override any act of Parliament. The Sovereign also has the ability to dissolve the Parliament at their pleasure, though this is used normally only as a formality preceding elections for a new Parliament. The Sovereign has the sole ability to issue noble titles; this is important because only the nobility has the right to vote or hold public office.

The Privy Council

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The Parliament

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The Parliament is the elected legislature of Kirkland. It acts as the legislative branch of the Government and has the power to enact Acts of Parliament which form the base of most Kirkish law. The Acts of Parliament must be approved by the Sovereign to become Kirkish law. Only members of the nobility may run for Parliament. The Parliament also serves at the bequest of the Sovereign and can be abolished by the Sovereign for any reason. Most of the time the Sovereign appoints his Privy Council from amongst Members of Parliament.

The Kirkish Courts