Government of Pontunia

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Government of Pontunia
Flag of New Pontunia.png
Polity typeMulti-party Semi-Constitutional Monarchy (de jure)
Royal Dictatorship (de facto)
Legislative branch
NameRoyal Assembly
Presiding officerALexandre Olivier, Chief Minister
Executive branch
Head of State and Government
CurrentlyAndrew I
NamePontunian Cabinet
Current cabinetOliver I
LeaderChief Minister Olivier
Deputy leadervacant
AppointerChief Minister
Judicial branch
NamePontunian Inquisition
Chief JusticeRoland

The Government of Pontunia (Pontunian: Government af Pontuniaska) is the central government of the country. The government is composed of executive, legislative and judicial branches, and operates under common law.