Govenment of Emerald Isle

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The Kingdom of Emerald Isle is an Appointed Monarchy. An appointed Monarchy's main Characteristic is that the Current Monarch (King, Queen, Lord, Lady, Etc) Appoints the next in line for the throne.

The King or Queen

The Kingdom is ruled by a King or Queen. The King/Queen is in charge of running the country, commanding the Armed Forces in times of war, and running the Executive District of Emerald Isle. The King/Queen stays in power until he/she dies or abdicates the throne. In either case, the Monarch appoints an Heir to the throne who is of royal blood, usually, they are in the immediate family but the heir can be anyone that is royal. an example of a non-family heir is when the Queen of Alaska appointed a friend named Caroline as her heir, but this caused the Alaskan Civil War. If a Monarch never appoints an heir, the next oldest in the family is given the throne. The Current King is His Royal Majesty, Jackson Niles Alexander I, King of the Glorious Kingdom of Emerald Isle, Lord of the Executive District, Prince of Alaska, and Emperor to be of the Aleutian Islands. (Full Title) He is a member of the Alexander dynasty.

Lords, Ladies and Territories

The Kingdom is divided into territories, which are ruled by a lord or lady. The Lord/lady is in charge of running the territory, commanding the Armed forces of the territory during the war, and representing the territory during a meeting of the Island Parliament. The line of descent is the same as the King/Queen. In many ways, a Territory is basically a small country within the Kingdom; There is a Military for the territory, A government for every territory, and territories can even declare war on each other and conduct trade and diplomacy.

National Parliament

The National Parliament is all the Lords and ladies with the King or Queen. At a meeting of parliament (held annually at the royal mansion) The delegates can propose and argue on laws and problems. The Delegates can plead their view on a law of action to the King of Queen but cannot make a decision on their own, and the king has the final say in whether an act passes of doesn't. if a lord/lady doesn't appear in-person to a meeting, then their vote is not counted.

Foreign Politics

The Kingdom has many allies, most of which have carried on from the DRCI. Emerald Isle does not support Communism or fascism, though it is tolerant of socialism dictatorships. The Kingdom is also a member of the WMA, Vanguard Powers and the UCM.

Recognized nations

diplomatic relations/treaty with or is in an Organization with this nation are marked with a *

  • Republic of Starland*
  • Slinky Empyre*
  • Republic of Atlantis*
  • Republic of dorzabad*
  • Secundomia*
  • Holy Salanian Empire*
  • most members of the UN
  • Republic of Danesland
  • Kingdom of Apollo
  • Kingdom of Alaska
  • Kingdom of Zurdonia
  • Egtavia
  • Austenasia
  • Principality of Sealand
  • Molossia

Unrecognized Nations

  • Socialist Federation of Makhnovist
  • Draco Republic
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Cuba

Enemies of the state

  • Osama Bin Ladin
  • All members of the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army
  • "Shane Dawson" (pen name of the former leader of the CICA and EILA)
  • Vidhur
  • all members of the Westboro Baptist Church