Republic of the Golden Coast

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Golden Coast, officially The Republic of the Golden Coast, was a micronation located in the Golden Coast Region of Florida, USA.


The micronation was created by the YouTuber "Free Thoughts and Ideas", as a project. On the 16th of April 2017, the RGC joined the Micronational Assembly.


The RGC has a unique two-branch political system. The national administration is divided between the Council of the People and the Court of Justice.

Council of the People

The Council of the People is the executive branch of the government, it is a council of 10 members who are elected via a preferential voting system. The candidate that scores higher is elected President of the RGC and the Council. The second branch is the

Court of Justice

The Court of Justice is the judicial branch of the government. It consists of seven judges, which are selected by the Council of the People. They serve a life term and they are responsible for judging all the court cases on the RGC.


Most of the RGC's economy is based on fishing, as the nation is near the sea. Also, the country is known for golf balls exports. The Government also is thinking of starting a wood export, as the RGC, has plenty of trees. The national currency is the Unum, a micronational currency created by the Micronational Assembly.


The RGC is located in the Gold Coast Region of Southern Florida. The whole country is full of groves, something that makes transportation difficult. It has also a large beach to a canal. The country is divided into seven districts:

  • Two Fishing Districts, used only for fishing.
  • Two Business Districts, used only for shops and businesses to be set up here.
  • Two Free Districts used as living quarters. These districts are the only two districts where a house could be built.
  • One Government District used as the Headquarters of the Council of the People and the Court of Justice.

Foreign Affairs

As a member of the Micronational Assembly, the RGC, has ties to all the other members, such as the Principality of Lustitianae.

Other Information

The flag of the RGC, is a dark green banner, with a black and white nordic cross, and a blue anchor in the center. Before that, a green-azure-yellow tricolour was used.

  • The official motto is Prosperity for all.
  • The national animal is the manatee.