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Sheepshead Bay, NY
—  Capital and City  —
Micronational Agriculture Capital of North America; Jellyism
Motto: "Where the grass grows"
 - Type Absolute Monarchy
 - Body Auvenese Parliament
 - Mayoral Director Russell Gilzem
Population (November 2019)Census pending
 - Total 23 (76.7% of all citizens)
Time zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

Jyilzyem is the capital city of the micronation: Kingdom of Auvenum. It is the most populous settlement (as of November 2019) of the nation. Jyilzyem is settled by 76.7% of the nation's population.


Jyilzyem has a few government buildings. One of which is the Auvenese Parliament which is responsible for passing laws. The main executive building is known as the "Royal Palace", which is located in the Federal District and is closed off to all visitors except for close, personal friends of Gilzem and the royal family.


The city of Jyilzyem was named after the first "Presydent" of Aenderia, Russell Gilzem. It's unclear where the name "Gilzem" comes from, but some believe it means "Land Keeper" in old Aenderian. Around a month after the city of "Gilzem" was erected as the capital of Aenderia, it was later changed because the Presydent wanted to "prevent the name of Gilzem being mispronounced," and after a small vote of the ALC (Aenderian Lawmakers Committee)[1], the name of "Gilzem" was promptly changed to "Jyilzyem" (pronounced Y-ilz-yEm) to fit a more bona fide Aenderian connotation. Gilzem was eventually removed from political office after an unjust and motion filed by the newly-elected Horatio Eden. Thus, the Countless protests led to no cause, eventually bringing Jyilzyem and the Kir Islands to secede from Aenderia. Currently, Auvenum is the largest city in Auvenum, and it has been for the entire year Auvenum was an independent nation.



The city of Jyilzyem is divided into two constituencies (previously three.)

  • Jyilzyem - North
  • Jyilzyem - South

"Jyilzyem - North" encompasses the current Auvenese districts of the Federal District and the Auvenese Coastline. "Jyilzyem - South" encompasses the southern coastal territories of the Kamuda Peninsula and "Nezabudgilzem.

Past Constituencies

The city of Jyilzyem used to encompass three constituencies, and was previously called "parliamentary districts." They were named "JD1," "JD2," and "JD3."

  • JD1 used to enclose the districts of Kamuda Peninsula and Nazabudgilzem, identical to the current constituent of Jyilzyem - South.
  • JD2 used to enclose the Auvenese Coastline and North White Island.
  • JD3 used to enclose the Federal District.

Eventually, North White Island became an independent district and adopted its own constituency

  1. Main legislative body of Auvenum during the early era.