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(Repubblica Federale Leonense)

Ghelda Flag.jpeg

Official language(s)Italian
DemonymGheldian (it: Gheldini)
GovernmentDirect Democracy
LegislatureLocal Parliament
Established15 August 2018
Area claimedNon-Territorial Micronation
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Ghelda is a virtual micronation founded on Telegram by Mario Castaldo, Simone Acquasanta and Marco Freccia on the 15 August 2018, after the collapse of a precedent micronation, Malassia. Ghelda was a diarchy until it united with the micronation of Agepoli forming the Leonensian Federal Republic, becoming a direct democracy. Today it is a federated State of the Leonensian Federal Republic.


Ghelda was founded after the death of the Republic of Malassia, which was destroyed by his founder, Mario Castaldo, merely to recreate a micronation a few hours later, with Marco Freccia and Simone Acquasanta. The first two became kings, and the last one was the first Prime Minister, as the micronation was set like a Constitutional Diarchy. After a period of inactivity, the micronation is revived thanks to the vision of both Giovanni Zaccaria and Valerio Marocchi. He was, de facto, the last Prime Minister, as on 1 November 2018 Ghelda overthrew one of the two kings and three days later united with Agepoli, to create the Leonensian Federal Republic. One of the two kings, Mario, attempted to destroy the project twice: once, during the fusion with Agepoli, and then with a failed revolution with Valerio Marocchi; they created a rogue micronation that is not recognized by any related micronation.

Kings of Ghelda

Name Rise to throne End of the kingdom
Mario Castaldo 15 August 2018 3 November 2018
Marco Freccia 15 August 2018 1 November 2018
Valerio Marocchi 1 November 2018 3 November 2018

Ghelda's Prime Ministers

Term Name Day of inauguration End of the term
I Simone Acquasanta 25 August 2018 3 September 2018
II Valerio Marocchi 3 September 2018 23 September 2018
III Leonardo Rossi 23 September 2018 25 September 2018
IV Valerio Marocchi 25 September 2018 1 November 2018
V Simone Acquasanta 1 November 2018 3 November 2018

Governors of Ghelda

Term Name Day of inaguration End of term Notes
I Vincenzo Iemma 4 November 2018 12 November 2018 Resigned
II Simone Acquasanta 12 November 2018 26 November 2018 Resigned
III Silvia Iervolino 26 Novmber 2018 27 Novmber 2018 In one of the most controversial events of the RFL's history a vote of no confidence fired her after a day.
IV Valerio Marocchi 27 November 2018 11 January 2019 Resigned because of his work in the Federal Governament
V Silvia Iervolino 11 January 2019 4 May 2019 Was fired after a vote of no confidence by Simone Palladino
VI Simone Palladino 4 May 2019 ??? ???
VII Luigi Cristofaro ??? 22 October 2019 Was fired after a vore of no confidence by Valerio Marocchi
VIII Valerio Marocchi 22 October 2019 28 November 2019 Resigned
IX Alfrezzon Volgarnov 3 Dicember 2019 5 January 2020
X Simone Acquasanta 5 January 2020

Organization of the state

Until the 4 November, Ghelda was a Constitutional Diarchy: there were two kings, but also a Senate and a Government. Today Ghelda, after assimilating the system of Agepoli, became a direct democracy under the Repubblica Federale Leonense.