Gerpanic Empire

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Gerpanic Empire
CapitalEuropa City
Largest cityResource City
Official languagesEnglish
• Emperor
Will Burgess
Establishment12 August 2015
• Census
CurrencyDixon sterling (£, GBP)
Time zoneGMT 0

The Gerpanic Empire was a micronation founded on the 12 August 2015, it was set up with no serious intentions and soon disbanded after forming.


The name was a brainchild of emperor Will Burgess when on the 11 of August, he came up with the name The Gerpanic Empire, taken from word "German" and "Japan".

Government and politics

There is an emperor, prime minister and president, with emperor being the head of state. There is a general election for president and prime minster but not the emperor.

Law and order

Smoking, drugs and alcohol are banned, the punishment is an exile. Looking after the national animal (chicken) is heavily rewarded.

Foreign relations

Official recognition is extended to the empire of Austenasia, Kosovo, Somaliland, Abkhazia, Taiwan and South Ossetia.


There is a virtual army of 35 soldiers and 1 tank.


The population is officially three people includes a chicken.


The climate is reasonably warm in summer but very cold in summer. Climate-(winter)2 degrees,(summer)28 degrees.


Tyre wholesales provide the economy of the micronation.


The national food is fish and chips and curry sauce, pizza and Chinese is also very popular.


The micronation is currently in the process of making a YouTube channel.

national football team

On the 18 August, the national football team was formed, so far it only has 2 players.

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