Germanijan Times

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The Germanijan Times
Forward with Germanija

Owner Germanija/Norden
Founder Christian Newton
Founded 9 August 2015
Editor-in-Chief Christian Newton
Political Allegiance Independent
Language(s) English
Headquarters Norvland, Germanija
Official website

The Germanijan Times was a Delveran periodic newspaper published on Wordpress. It was the official media outlet of the Province of Germanija.

The Germanijan Times was founded on August 9, 2015 by Christian Newton in order to offer competition to the Lavrada Bannerman and provide regional news from Germanija. It published articles semi-regularly on its Wordpress site, covering both national and regional topics.[1]

The publication was inspired by the sweeping success of the Bannerman.

On August 19, 2015, the Times and the Bannerman signed an agreement known as the Delveran Media Concord that established standards and some rules for media coverage within the Grand Republic. This was done in order to foster cooperation and avoid plagiarism between the publications.[2][3]

The Germanijan Times was renamed the Nordenian Times in June 2016, corresponding with the name change of the province. However, the paper never published under that name.

The Times was shut down when founder and Editor-in-Chief Newton resigned in September 2016.