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Nordenian Military Administrative District
By Valor and Arms
Official language(s) English
Spoken language(s) English
Capital Norvland
Largest city Norvland
 - Total 1 acre
(0.404686 hectares)
 - Total TBD (2016)
 - Citizens TBD (2016)
Admission to Grand Republic  26 July 2015 (6th)(as Province)
28 June 2016 (2nd)(as Military District)
30 December 2016 (3rd)(as Military District)
Chief Director Christian Newton
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Abbreviations NOR

Norden ([nor-den]), officially the Nordenian Military Administrative District, or the District of Norden (formerly known as the Republic of Germanija), is a special administrative region of the Grand Republic of Delvera, located in the United States state of Pennsylvania. It was admitted into the Grand Republic on 30 December, 2016. The most prominent citizen is Christian Newton.

History and Legal Status

The District of Norden was officially incorporated into the Grand Republic of Delvera as the Republic of Germanija on July 26th, 2015, and then later as the District of Norden on June 28th, 2016, after many name changes, a relocation of territory, and a secession by the provincial government. The District of Norden was the first Grand Republican territory to be located outside of the state of Missouri, in North Carolina. Norden was disbanded in September of 2016, but was later reincorporated again in December 2016.

The District of Norden has autonomy from the Delveran national government, which cannot impose national laws on the residents. However, the Delveran Armed Services have nearly unlimited access to the majority of the properties for the purpose of training and defense, which is guaranteed to the citizens of the District in exchange. The District is socially, economically, and historically tied to the Grand Republic. The District is overseen and represented by the Chief Director, Christian Newton, who is the youngest territorial leader in Delveran history.

Demographics (September 2016)

According to the September 2016 census, Norden had 19 citizens, of which 13 were male and 6 were female. The largest age group of Nordenian citizens was 12-15 y/o (11 - 58%), while the smallest group was 8-11 (1 – 5%). The largest religious affiliation among Nordenians were Protestant Christians (9 – 47%), followed by Unspecified (6 – 32%) and Atheists (4 – 21%). 26% of Nordenian citizens were members of the national military (excluding the Provincial Militia). The census information for Norden was removed from the census total of the Grand Republic of Delvera after its disbandment in September 2016.


Prior to its disbandment in September 2016, Norden had a 6% turnout of eligible voters in the 2016 Consular Election.

National Consular Election (2016)
Candidate # of votes  % of votes Region
David Sarkozy (incumbent) 0 0% Lavrasia
Nikias Wernher 1 100% Lavrasia


The Nordenian Military Administrative District maintains its own State Militia. The State Militia is the primary military force of Norden, which is completely maintained by the state, but also available for national use in a time of need.

The Nordenian State Militia is the uniformed armed defense and disaster relief forces of the District of Norden. The State Militia is controlled by the Nordenian District Command, and governed by the Nordenian Military Regulations. The branches of the State Militia include: the Infantry, Field Artillery, and the Medical Corps, though due to of lack of personnel, the Field Artillery and Medical Corps have yet to be formally established.

Norden is home to two small DAS military installations: Fort Charles, which is situated in Norvland, Norden (the Capital of the District), and Fort Tudor, which is situated in the Avalon Park division of Orlando, Florida. Fort Tudor is currently overseen by SGT Dustin Goss, who serves as the installation's NCOIC.

Sphere of Influence

Norden's sphere of influence encompasses Cumberland County in south-central Pennsylvania.


The District of Norden is represented by the Gadsden Banner, a historic American Revolution flag and a symbol of civil rights activists in the United States, and the standard of the Delveran Armed Services. The banner was chosen because of Norden's strong military history.