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Georgetown Post
Founded25 January 2013
FounderHRH James E Wilary
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
HRH James E Wilary
ServicesMail and telegram
OwnerGeorgetown Communication Service
Number of employees

The Georgetown Post (Prsänëan: Pøsxjennesxe Gschørjexoon; French: Poste de Georgetown; Esperanto: Ĝorĝtaŭna Poŝto) is the government owned agency charged with the facilitation of the postal and telegraph services in the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa. It was founded in January 2013 after the revival of the telegraph cable project in Georgetown, Prsänëa which was inspired by Sirocco's then-recently formed telegraph system. The project's creation also brought about Prsänëa to issue a series of stamps for the mail system established along with the telegraph system in the Georgetown Post.

System structure

Communications that originate in Prsänëa are sent in to the nearest Georgetown Post office with the written message, the identity and address of the recipeient, and usually, though not required, the identity and address of the sender. Messages must also contain the standardized communication code system for the Georgetown Post to proccess it. The code is ordered as [Method of sending]/[Speed of sending]/[Location code], where the method of sending is either via telegraph (T) or mail (M), and the speed of sending is either regular (R) or priority (P). The location codes are ordered as follows:

Location Code
Georgetown 100
Outer Georgetown 110
Lincoln 200
Inyo 300
El Dorado 400
Wayne 500
Intermicronational 900-[name of micronation]-[applicable local postal code]
International 910-[name of nation]-[applicable postal code]

In this way, the postal code for a regular mail to Inyo, Prsänëa would be M/R/300, and an intermicronational priority telegram to Alston, Sirocco would be coded as T/P/900-Sirocco-200.

1100 Solar Avenue
Georgetown, Georgetown

— Example addressed letter to the Royal Palace


Although the Georgetown Post is not for profit, it carries fees for certain aspects of its service to fund the system where needed. Mostly, costs are limited to the mail system when required, such as with the use of macronational postal services, or to levy a minor fee for greater use of services. Stamps are issued per each communication sent through the Georgetown Post, but stamps are providing with no cost for free services, as well as for priced ones.

System Destination Regular Priority
Telegraph Domestic Free 1 penny (Ȼ.001)
Intermicronational Free 1 twaning (Ȼ.0025)
International 1 penny (Ȼ.001) 1 twaning (Ȼ.0025)
Mail Domestic 1 farthing (Ȼ.00025) 1 twaning (Ȼ.0025)
Intermicronational/national (in the USA) 1/4 shilling (Ȼ.0125) 1 ryal (Ȼ.5)
Intermicronational/national (out of USA) 1/2 shilling (Ȼ.025) 1 credit (Ȼ1)