Geography of Secundomia

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The Geography of Secundomia is a large part of the nation itself.Secundomia is shaped as a land based archipelago, with small, non-contiguous states and territories spead out across the Mainland Area. 

Types of Territorial Denominations

Secundomia divides it's territories based on a set system. States have the most power in the government; territories are directly controlled; colonies do not enjoy democracy, but enjoy a level of autonomy; and dependencies are almost completely autonomous.

Inter-Secundomian Denominations


A state owns a great amount of power in the Secundomian Government. The state has the power to elect a citizen into the Secundomian Congress, as in the House of Governors. The states are also self governing, and sometimes have a separate governing legislature.


Secundomian territories are directly controlled and administered by the government. They do not have delegation to the Secundomian Congress, and cannot self-govern.

Military District

Military Districts are controlled by the Secundomian Military and their appointed Leader. They have non-voting delegation to the Secun

Outer-Secundomian Denominations


A Secundomian Colony is not officially a part of Secundomia, but a Government Official is put in charge of it's administration. The colony is lead by this appointed Protector, and he can make decisions as to what happens in the community. The Colony can oust their Protector, and demand a new one. However, the only Secundomian colony in existence (Sterling) is uninhabited, so this has never happened.


A Secundomian Dependency enjoys almost complete autonomy and democracy. A leader is democratically elected by the Dependency. The Dependency can self govern, and is only barely considered a territory of Secundomia. However, Secundomia does take care of a certain amount of things, as agreed to by both parties.


Active States

There are several active states in Secundomia, the largest of which being Middle Secundomia by population, and Gravois by area.

State Governor Statehood Dates Political affiliation Capital Notes
Middle Secundomia Parker I December 16, 2009 Secundomian Conservative Party Middle Secundomia* First State to join, most populous, Capital State
Merenneitoja Luke of Secundomia Feb. 26th, 2010 Secundomian Conservative Party none
Gravois Spencer I July 23, 2010 Secundomian Libertarian Party Gravois City Largest (by area) state. Only populated on occasion

Inactive States

Many states have become inactive in Secundomia for various reasons. The following is a list of Inactive States.

State/Territory Fate Date Founded-Date Defunct Leader
Halstopia Returned to America December 17, 2009 - 18th (Withheld)
Leospecsia Dissolved, territory returned to America December 17, 2009 - April 18, 2010 Seth I
Atlan Seceeded Since rejoined, then redifined as a state

December 16 '09 - 28th Rejoined: February 25, 2010 -March 4

Empress of Atlan
Lower Secundomia Merged with Middle Secundomia after faliure to conduct elections Feb. 25, 2010 - October 1 Nate I
Southern Cipania Converted to Territory after faliure to conduct elections May 17, 2010 - October 1 Empress of Atlan
Bu Ocağın Merged with Merenneitoja after faliure to conduct elections. Circa June 2010 - October 1, 2010 Brett I

Resolution 9

Resolution 9 states that any territory entering Secundomia in certain bounds becomes property of the associated state. Abridged text (for privacy reasons) of Resolution 9 can be found here


Since Resolution 9, all territories were dissolved and merged into States. However, one state was converted to a territory on October 1 after failure to conduct gubernatorial Elections. This state was [[Southern Cipania]], which is located in Slovakia.

Military Districts

Secundomia has two military districts, both named for areas in the book "The Hunger Games," which was very popular at the time of the state's inception.


Secundomia only has one dependency: Sandbars. President Marra of the Sandbars asked for Secundomia's help in creating a micronation, and Secundomia granted them entrance as a dependency. 


Kingdom of Sterling

The Colony of Sterling is the only Secundomian colony.